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Advanced Sea Survival course huge success



On the 22nd and 23rd August Wellington Ocean sports ran an “Advanced Sea Survival training course”, which was well represented with course participants flying in from around the country. The group had an amazing variety of experience aboard sailing vessels, some of them I am sure they would not want to repeat! Kim McMorran? There is a Wardroom story there..........


We had stories of 40 - 80 foot waves, pitch poling, rolled, MOB (One participant who shall remain nameless, has completed the MOB drill a number of times, not sure why?) and de-masting in their “Off Shore activities”. They all lived to tell the tale! They survived due to their share determination, experience, great team work , great standard operating procedures, familiarity with equipment, excellent communication, continuing education and practice. As when you are hundreds of miles away from help, you need to stay calm, use your initiative, make important decisions, to regroup, resolve and jerry rig something to get to safety or to sit tight, Hove to, till the weather passes. The Advanced Sea Survival course, opens you eyes to the intricacies of the type of preparation and planning required to avoid similar situations and assist you to get home safely.



Huge thanks go to Andrew Taylor for donating an un-inflated life raft from Andiamo. It was a real highlight on the course to be able to deploy a life raft prior to actually having your life depend on it (also a little more realistic than pulling out a vacuum cleaner to inflate...)

Check out the footage.


 During the course:

• We had the opportunity to laugh.
• We had the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes, both physically on the course and in case studies.
• We also had the opportunity to deploy a life raft and to right, the upturned raft, individually as this is a fantastic opportunity to get it right, as you don’t want the first time to be for real in the Open Ocean.
• We had a number of great guest speakers: Dave Greenberg from Westpac Rescue Helicopters shared his experiences rescuing people from around NZ and Rob, Ross and Kyle from the NZ Maritime police to share their experiences, so that you hopefully won’t make the same mistakes as the yacht owners they have rescued. (Do not attach the high line from the helicopter to your vessel, Be conservative with your Weather forecasting)
• John Croft the course facilitator was an absolute font of knowledge, he was able share his wisdom and old school techniques (which still work, when electronics can let you down) He had something for everyone, with great humour to boot!

In Summary from listening to all of the stories and the advice given from the Maritime Police, Westpac, I have concluded that “Off shore sailing” is an extremely exhilarating and testing pastime where Men and Woman match their wits against Mother Nature and the Ocean. With careful planning, preparation and education you will definitely be better prepared for the critical decision making required to get you safely home.


 Advanced Sea Survival should be a prerequisite for anyone considering an offshore race or passage. We schedule the course each year in August to fit in between race seasons, book now to avoid disappointment.

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Start: 27-Aug-2016 8:30 am
End: 28-Aug-2016 5:00 pm
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Location Wellington Ocean Sports Centre
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