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Schools Programme funding received



Three weeks ago Wellington Ocean Sports secured a $20,000 grant from the Mana Community Grants Foundation as part of our wider push for funding to support our School Safe Boating Programme. This funding is specifically for students from the Porirua area and on Friday 26 June delivery commenced with students from He Huarahi Tamariki School.

Removing the financial barriers to participation is critical and as students He Huarahi Tamariki School are all teenage parents they would not have been able to get involved without the funding.

He Huarahi Tamariki


Staff from the school were particular impressed with the programme, teacher Fiona Mokomoko Park said the following “Wow, what a day on the water! A few unplanned dips, followed by some laughs, which I think added to the boating experience and enjoyment of our girls trip, and as you said the weather was perfect. Thank you so much to your team Matt, we really want to acknowledge your great tutors, their wit, skills on the water and ability to keep the girls interested while also providing valuable information about safe boating. The girls talked about their different and new experiences and at the end of the day, they were all looking forward to relaxing as the after effects of a day out on the water began to take its toll. Once again thanks for this opportunity and also to your sponsors that enabled this to happen. Helen will catch up with you soon with regards to the next possible steps and courses that we might look at for our girls. It was educational and fun! Thanks, Fiona”

Wellington Ocean Sports Manager Matt Wood and former Wellington City Councillor John Morrison are continuing to work to secure further funding for the programme and this month have also received a $10,000 from the Wellington Community Trust towards the programme.


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