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Wellington Ocean Sports Staff complete Workplace First Aid



In the last week, Wellington Ocean Sports hosted a Work Place first Aid which was run by James Allen, from Training Innovations. Three instructors Sam Price, Holly Novis and Graeme Mercer completed the course along with a Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club Volunteer, Malcom Baxter. Joining the course was also a team from TSS Motor Cycles and Diesel Equipment Services Ltd. James has been teaching first aid for 15 years, and along with being a qualified Ambulance Officer and having a Diploma in teaching, he is also one of our Wellington Ocean Sports Instructors.


The course is a very comprehensive two day course which covers a large range of first aid situations, including aiding someone in need with diabetes, asthma, epilepsy or during a stroke or heart attack to severe road or marine accidents. All participants had to complete a CPR assessment which also thoroughly taught everyone the step by step process along with how to use defibrillator in the necessary situation.
Finally, at the end of the first day we all had a ‘role play’ assessment where we were put in an emergency situation with a fake fire (the classroom was filled with smoke) and we had to assess the situation and assist people suffering from different ailments, where it was safe to. This included checking the heat through the walls before entering, staying low to avoid the smoke as much as possible and rescuing victims of the fire. Having the dark smoke filled classroom provided an incredibly real element to the situation so we could understand what it might be like to be faced with that kind of emergency.
On the following day the course covered car and marine accidents in more depth which is extremely relevant, as an ocean sports instructor, but a situation we hope never to occur.


James has courses running regularly and corporate courses can run on demand. The next course commences on the 30th and 31st July at Wellington Ocean Sports Centre.

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