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Calling all RPNYC skippers and boat owners!!! Wellington Ocean Sports teach approximately 200 adults to sail each year, the majority of these students go on to join the Club with the hope of crewing on members boats. We currently have a bunch of new grads who are keen to get out on the water and we are looking for places on members boats for the upcoming winter series. RPNYC skippers who are prepared to take on a grad are a vital part of transitioning grads to long term Club membership, so please consider if you could assist.

There are several ways for boat owners to get in touch with prospective crew, there are crew forms in the Wardroom, we have a facebook page that accommodates crew requests, the RPNYC Board are actively involved in crew placements and we have a grads email database. One of the most effective methods is our email database, this gives skippers the opportunity to describe their requirements in terms of experience and level of commitment and gives the grads the chance to consider if that’s the best placement for them, rather than feeling put on the spot and over committing themselves. It also means the crew come to you, rather than having to make a number of fruitless phone calls, as can some time be the case.

 If you are keen to help just send us an email at ocean@rpnyc.org.nz detailing;

•    Boat and skipper name
•    Contact details (email and or phone)
•    Level of experience and commitment required.
•    Any other information you want to convey ( for example - crew fees, time frame and boat location)


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