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Wellington Ocean Sports Centre feasibility study published




For the past three years Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club has been working with Sport New Zealand, Wellington City Council and a group of four other ocean sports on the Wellington Ocean Sports active communities project.

The active communities project focused on the development of a programme of activities designed to help the community to discover, experience and learn ocean sports and over 12000 people have been involved in one of the programme’s activities of the three year project.

As the project moved into its third year and the programme began to mature the partner clubs began to focus on the designs for a purpose built Wellington Ocean Sports Centre within the context of the Clyde Quay Boat Harbour Restoration project.

The feasibility study for this project has now been completed by Novak+Middleton Architects and some exciting new plans for this corner of the Clyde Quay Boat Harbour are ready to be shared.

Download a copy of the Wellington Ocean Sports Centre Feasibility Report here

Download a copy of the Wellington Ocean Sports Active Communities Exit Report here


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